The Product: Power Modules


Mobile Units:  Self-Contained Power Modules all Fully-Packaged,
ready for plug-and-play.

  • Single to Multiple axle trailers
  • Radiator (cooling) access
  • Complies with D.O.T. standards
  • Exhaust gas system
  • Fully-configured Silencer
  • Exhaust gas system installations-single and dual inlet/outlet
  • Keylock latches for Operating or Maintenance Personnel
  • Control panel or Circuit Breaker installations
  • Jacket water heater installations
  • Oil and water drain group installations
  • Battery charger installations
  • Battery racks and cables
  • Modular power take-offs, cam-lok or cable lugs

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Power Modules  
Sound Attenuated

Weather Protective
Fuel Tanks

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