Since 1985

Power Enclosures Inc., has seen a lot of changes in the past 22 years, but one thing remains constant.  We offer Top Quality Products and Service You Can Depend On.

Since the beginning, we have followed a path of steady growth in volume and a stellar reputation for our product support, quality, best value and integrity in the way we conduct our business. In addition, Power Enclosures Inc., is flexible and diverse enough to handle the most demanding job.  From the largest power generating machines such as diesel generators, windpower turbines, hydro turbines, solar power systems, we can provide the skill, support, enclosures and accessories you need. 

Working directly with you, Power Enclosures Inc., will coordinate your entire project from the initial design stages to its final completion whether under a turn-key engagement arrangement or as a contributing project team member. One thing is for sure- our efforts will all be geared to your specifications and needs.

We are committed to our customers and their specific needs.  Unlike other Vendors or products out there where you are expected to adapt your equipment into their "standardized" designs, you can expect us to adjust our product and services to meet your equipment's unique requirements.

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Office:  309-274-9000
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Visit:  100 South Fourth Street, Chillicothe (Peoria) Illinois, 61523

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