From Concept to Finish:


Our Engineering Team starts with a basic Enclosure design based on your or your Client's specific requirements.  This may include the type of machinery you intend to protect, i.e. pumpset, diesel genset, wind turbine, hydro turbine, solar systems, switchgear, etc.

Some of the things to consider are the following:

(These are recommendations only. It is suggested that the Client engages the services of a reputable Consulting Engineer or Architect who is an expert on the acquisition, installation and operation of the required equipment.)

The Type and Size of machine (Brand, KW, GPM, AMPS, etc.)
Location (Personnel requirements for installation, maintenance, security, local code compliances, etc.)
Type of Operation (mission-critical, emergency, prime power, standby duties, etc.)
Product Configuration (plug-and-play, accessories, additional features, etc.)
Installation (How, by whom, delivery timeline, etc.)

In addition to contracting a Consultant, we at Power Enclosures can be used as your additional resource in the proper selection and the preliminary Enclosure design based on your requirements.

Other Services:

  • Integration such as 3rd-party Inspection, Export boxing and shipping coordination
  • Container loading
  • Storage services (indoor or outdoor)
  • Load bank testing, resistive or reactive, witnessed or unwitnessed
  • Assembling of your generator set package into a completed unit so it can be shipped directly to your job site, fully functional and ready to plug-and-play, saving you time and money!


All Power Enclosure Inc.'s family of Enclosure complies with the applicable sections of NEMA, BOCA and NEC.

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